Pass on Plastic

Sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign has been hugely successful in raising awareness of the issue of ocean plastic amongst its audiences and the wider public, but Sky’s CEO and senior leadership wanted to move from campaign to action to shift the needle on this critical issue.

Altology was tasked with a challenging brief: how can Sky show leadership and help drive policy and behaviour change around plastics nationally and internationally?

In response, we developed an innovative, integrated approach that leverages Sky’s expertise and influence as a business, as well as its content and broadcasting capabilities as a global media brand:

1.Commit to eliminating single use plastics from Sky’s operations and supply chain by 2020

2.Catalyze innovation in single use plastics with a £25m venture fund

3.Develop policy asks to incentivize and support the wider business community to reduce their use of plastics/impact on our oceans.

Sky’s ground-breaking commitments were announced by CEO Jeremy Darroch at the Oceans conference, taken to MPs in February 2018 and are now being rolled out Europe-wide to enterprise partners, consumers and wider stakeholders.


Posted on March 4, 2018 in sustainability

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