Smart thermostat for wholesale energy market tracker tariffs

London. 10 November 2017. Altology is launching Themo, the UK’s first intelligent smart thermostat for electric underfloor heating systems that can take advantage of the new generation of tariffs, which follow the wholesale market price of energy.

SLS Cloud provides energy optimisation for wide variety of heating systems

Themo smart thermostat launched for underfloor heating

Themo smart thermostat

Themo promises to cut the cost of electricity without compromising warmth and comfort by automatically adjusting the underfloor heating to take advantage of low electricity prices, as well as the availability of renewable energy on the Grid for green tariff customers.

In the Baltic region, Themo systems with SLS Cloud are helping to reduce electricity costs by an average of 30% and by as much as 60% in homes, commercial offices and industrial installations for customers with wholesale energy tracker tariffs.

SLS Cloud for electric, gas and oil fuel heating

SLS Cloud is a proprietary, cloud-based optimisation software developed by Smart Load Solutions. It works by automatically shifting the electricity consumption of a heating system without compromising on users’ requirements.

SLS Cloud optimisation technology can be used to control and optimise other types of electric heating systems (such as electric storage heaters, heat pumps and electric powered boilers) and wet systems, such as gas and oil fuel boilers. SLS Cloud can also be used to control many third-party smart thermostats. SLS Cloud (with, or without, Themo smart thermostats) is also available under licence from Altology.

Themo for electric underfloor systems

Themo uses thousands of data points to understand when to optimise electric underfloor heating systems. It takes into account day-ahead wholesale electricity spot price, outside weather temperature, the internal pre-set temperature levels and the occupier’s home/office consumption profile. Themo uses AI to learn the user’s preferences to optimise comfort, while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

Users can control Themo from the smart thermostat and/or via their smart phone. The Themo interactive LED circle changes its colour based on current electricity price. By glowing red, it indicates that the price is at the peak. Conversely, Themo glows lighter when electricity prices are lower.

Jeremy Pilkington, Partner at Altology, says: ““At a time when saving energy is at the top of the agenda, the launch of SLS Cloud and Themo could not be more timely. With consumers and businesses looking for more control over their energy use, these technologies are designed to bring economic benefits by helping to consume energy when its cheapest.”

Madis Uuemaa, CEO of Smart Load Solutions, says: “We have been closely monitoring the increasing trend of smart technologies and responsible energy consumption in the UK. Themo can be a part of that change. Powered by SLS software, Themo has proven its efficiency in the homes and businesses of the Nordic and Baltic region, and we are delighted to be bringing Themo to the UK market with Altology.”


  • Themo is available from Altology from €129.
  • SLS Cloud pricing is available in units of 100 licences and above from €12 per annum per licence.

Smart Load Solutions (SLS) is an award-winning technology company focused on creating an energy-efficient future by developing sustainable solutions that improve the energy consumption of citizens. The company’s initial product line is SLS Cloud and Themo smart thermostats, designed to capitalise on IoT and support smart homes and intelligent cities.

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